Saturday, November 13, 2010

Addicted 2010

This project was AP Drawing/Painting class assignment, the topic was Game.
In this piece, I tried to describe that man in the dice is addicted to games,
such as poker, card game and board game. 
So I painted board game, jocker, pokerchip, cards and dice to resemble it.
I used guache and graphite for media, loved using guache
because the colors are thin compared to acrylic paint; but making transparent feel on the dice was kinda hard with using guache.

Still life #4 2010

Still life #4
This piece was first assignment in AP Drawing/Painting class,
which students had to draw same objects in the class with different composition, and styles.
I used graphite, and this project helped me on concentrating values.
Above all, I loved position of the flower.

Emotion 2009

This project was from 3D class, we were making sculpture inspired by Joseph Cornell box.
I created this artwork by using shoebox and collaging various medias,
such as watch, ribbon piece,earing, broken glass, transparent paper,
drawing piece and acrylic paint.
The emphasis on this artwork is on the middle,
which shows how so many conflicts are going through her mind.
The unity of artwork show the process of changing emotion,
I wanted to describe that a girl was suffering from sadness
as this artwork has dark colors and contains emotional characteristics.
And then, the light value and flower at the bottom show that adversity is eventually gone,
resembling the peace. This sculpture is one of my favorite,
I enjoyed how project went well as I express my inner thoughts about emotion.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rebirth 2010

This piece was first piece i have done on canvas,
 It was AP Drawing/Paintig class assignment.
Topic was Buggy portrait, so we had to combine portrait with a bug.
Firtst, I wanted to describe 'rebirth' as I peel off my
 butterfly wing-patterned skin at underwater,
but as the olor of butterfly wing-patterned skin has dark value,
I decided to combine moth's wing pattern to my skin instead.
The reason I put myself underwater is to emphasize
the suffering emotion through the setting.
I tried to describe the painful moment of renascent,
therefore the facial expression is emotional.
The media i used is acrylic paint.

sketching figures on the canvas and then coloring with acrylic paint 

Reminiscence 2009

This piece is the first piece I have done outside of the class
This is my portrait drawing from the picture and the media I used is graphite.
As this piece was first piece i finished with no help,
my choice of paper was conspicuously bad.
It was relatively thin for graphite, and easily get wrinkled, which i learned that
 i should pay attention to the quality of paper as i decide to do an artwork.
It was first attempt to study realism by my self 
so I concentrated on every details on this piece as well as its value.   

The orignal picture I used to complete that piece