Monday, February 28, 2011

2010 Self- Confinement

Self- Confinement

This is computer art project, which students had to make an artwork inspired by surrealism.
However, I wanted surrealistic artwork that is both meaningful and surrealistic.
the common eyes are always wet and shed tears,
 but in this piece, I wanted to describe 'Self- Confinement' from this work. 
I  created rough and dry textures on the eye and the water-filled inside of black part of eye 
to show that a women in this picture does not want to express her feelings to other people,
 and try to keep her emotions inside of her.
I love this piece because I enjoyed creating realistically and yet mysterically, also because I won Scholastic award of Gold key for this piece.

remembrance 2010

This piece was for AP homework assignment,
which the topic of assignment was 'My Closet'.
I wanted to make this artwork creatively,
so i kept thinking about old closet that brings me some ideas to draw.
Most of the time, inside of the old closet,
there are clothes a person wore when he/she was young.
I thought those old clothes brings old memories of the past time,
so i used charcoal, acrylic with lots of water, and color pencils to resemble memories. 
The doors of the closet are made of shoe box, which makes this work as 3D piece.
I tried hard to evoke the feelings of homesickness throught this artwork.